Benefits of waking up early. (Part 2 of a series)

Welcome back! In the last post, we discussed a few of the numerous benefits to waking up early. Once you make it a habit, you’ll discover even more, thus making it easier to continue. But before we begin, let’s examine a few of the “challenges” that are bound to come up. After all, waking up … Continued

Benefits of waking up early. (Part 1 of a series)

For the last few years, I have enjoyed the habit of getting up at 4:30am. Yes, it was painful at first, especially because most of my younger life was spent as a night owl. I was a nightclub bartender until the age of 35, and that profession does not lend itself to waking up early. … Continued

The Importance of Visualizing Your Goals (Part 5 of a Series)

Have you been visualizing? Were you consistent, or not so much? If you kept at it, congratulations! You are well on your way! If you fell off the wagon, relax and keep your chin up. It happens. Remember, you’re trying to build a habit, so let’s review one of the most important aspects of visualization, … Continued

The Importance of Visualizing Your Goals (Part 4 of a Series)

So, ready to change your self-image? Let’s stay with the example of changing our physical body for the better. The absolute first step in moving toward a goal is DECIDING exactly where you want to go. Remember, BE SPECIFIC. The more specific you are, the faster you will move in that direction. Let’s begin with … Continued

The Importance of Visualizing Your Goals (Part 3 of a Series)

In the last post we were going over the strongest human need, which is the need to be consistent with how we see ourselves. This is the main, and possibly only, reason we self sabotage ourselves. If we see ourselves a certain way, good or bad, we will subconsciously steer any other action back to … Continued

The Importance of Visualizing Your Goals (Part 2 of a Series)

When we left off last time, we were discussing the “self-sabotage” factor…that maddening tendency to go back to old habits that do not serve you, especially when you are exercising your self-discipline to make positive changes in your life? Why do we do this? Why do we keep going back to our old ways when … Continued