Selling Aging Parents Home – Can a Power of Attorney Sell Property?

There comes a time when parents can’t take care of themselves financially. They might need to sell their home, and as it turns out, they don’t always have the power or ability to do so.

Not only can a power of attorney sell property, it’s also helpful in a wide variety of legal matters. Some common situations might include selling aging parents home or other estate planning decisions. This could be something like appointing an executor to handle final affairs and organizing probate proceedings after they pass away.

Can a Power of Attorney Sell Property?

The power of attorney can be used to sell property, but it’s just one part the authority granted by a power of attorney. To get this there are some steps involved in obtaining such authorization.

The first thing you need to do is talk with your parents. Start by having a conversation while they are in good mental health so it’s much easier for them to pass on the power of attorney themselves – and not have someone else make that decision. Your parents will appreciate being able to put the major decisions in your hands. A big responsibility like selling a house can be too much strain for them, so they may prefer that you take on this task as it’s part of what comes with helping sell their home.

Selling Aging Parents Home

Once you have the power of attorney in place, it allows you to make decisions that are necessary. One example is signing papers on your elderly parents behalf when they can’t do so themselves due to illness or incapability.

It can be a very tough decision to decide if it is worth selling your aging parents home. There are several factors that you must consider, including how much they owe on the house and their living expenses. One option for many people is power of attorneys to sell property.

Prepare the Home for Sale

Taking the power attorney to sell property is one thing, but getting your house ready for sale can be a challenge. Determine what needs fixing up first before showing off any of the house so potential buyers. If you’re able, try to temporarily relocate them from the home during repairs to keep them stress-free from the noise and clutter of construction.

Try to List FSBO

You may decide to exercise your power of attorney and sell the property yourself. But, is that a good idea? You will have more responsibility in going through all the necessary paperwork for selling their home on top of trying to help them prepare emotionally for this life-changing event.

One of the first steps when you’re putting your house up for sale is determining what price to list it at. You want to do this research beforehand, so that there are no surprises later on in the process and things go more smoothly! This can be a bit tricky without some help though. Without the help of realtors or brokers, it can be difficult to gauge market trends.

Research Cash Buyer Companies

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home and move on, there’s no better way than by using the services of professional investors. These are individuals that specialize in buying homes for cash. They will determine a fair price based off their inspection of your property – taking into account any preexisting damages or upgrades which may need attention so they don’t expect you to do it yourself before selling them the house.

When you have a buyer who is willing to pay the asking price in cash and purchase the home as-is, why not take them up on their offer? You won’t need to do any repairs or worry about pesky real estate fees. They are even ready and able to close right away with no hassle.

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