Taking Care of Housing Code Violations in Tampa – A How To Guide

Do you own a property with housing code violations in Tampa, FL that you no longer want to own? Now is the time for change! Using our tried and true methods of home improvement, your dream home will be a reality.

Want to sell your house in Tampa, FL? We can help! Our latest post will tell you how. If you’re looking for a way to cash out of that place, we are local home buyers who offer quick sales with guaranteed closings and no commissions or fees.

If your property is in need of major repairs, it can be difficult to know how to sell it. With a smaller pool of potential buyers and the fact that the house will take longer than usual for you’re buyer move-in ready – selling this kind of home could potentially make or break financially speaking.

However, just because the house has code violations that you don’t want to do yourself doesn’t mean you should have to pay a lot or feel as if your asking price is too low. The following are some of our best tips for selling a property with housing code violations in Tampa, FL!

Back to Basics: What Are Common Violations?

According to Tampa.gov, there are a number of common housing code violations in Tampa to avoid. These include, but are not limited to:

  • An abandoned/inoperable vehicle.
  • Accumulated garbage/debris on a private property.
  • Animal nuisances.
  • A building or a structural violation.
  • Commercial vehicle violation inside a residential zone.
  • Overgrown grass in yards.

If you see neighbors portraying any of these characteristics with their properties, it’s helpful to the community to report it to Tampa.gov. And if any of these sound familiar to your own property, it’s best to fix them as soon as possible to avoid any accruing charges or liens.

Why Do These Matter?

The codes that they use are to help with safety and prevent damage or health issues. This ultimately is a way for construction workers to look out for occupants of homes, apartments buildings, and any other residence. The rules in these specific cases however vary depending on the municipality type and size of work done by each worker.

If you are the proud owner of a new home, there is no doubt it has been built to comply with local building codes. New homes have many eyes on them as they are being constructed – most likely by an inspector from your city or county. Before selling your home, you can avoid code violations by making any modifications before listing it. This is important because the buyer may not purchase a house with known issues and this could create problems if they are found out after closing!

Make Necessary Repairs

Hire a general inspector to determine if you have any potential code violations in your house, so that the building stays up-to-date. When inspecting your home, the inspector doesn’t have a checklist specifically for code violations. They are more likely to check out anything that could turn into an issue down the road – like hazardous electrical wires or leaks in piping. There is a high likelihood that you will not be able to sell your house if it has several code violations, as most mortgage companies will refuse to loan money on the property.

Contact Cash Buyers in Tampa

If you don’t list your house on the MLS, then you won’t have to deal with frustrating real estate processes such as property showings and staging. With cash buyers in Tampa, you will be able to sell at any time without waiting for an offer or worrying about renovations and upkeep costs.

If you’re looking to sell your home without the hassle of paying commissions and fees, we can help! Our selling process is fast and easy – even if your house needs work. If you need to sell your house in Florida fast, then we can help! We at SellThatFloridaHouse are local homebuyers in Tampa FL. Our cash offer is quick and fair, with a guarantee for a speedy close.

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