BBB We Buy Houses In CT OPTWe buy houses in ANY condition. NO realtors, NO fees, NO commissions, NO repairs & NO NEED to clean ANYTHING. Get your No-Obligation Cash Offer Started Below!

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We buy houses Orlando

We Buy Houses In Orlando

Sell your house in Florida to us and pay ZERO closing costs, NO agent fees, and make absolutely NO repairs. Plus It’s 100% FREE to get our offer. Check out how our process works! is a matter-of-fact house buying company based in Orlando, FL. We buy houses all over the state of Florida. If you need to sell your house quickly for cash, we are local house buyers who will make you a fair, fast offer. No fees, No Agents, No inspections and No repairs!

BBB rated A Plus

Have you been thinking “I really want to sell my house fast?”

We Buy Houses FAST: No Commissions, No Repairs, NO Closing Costs!

In other words: We’ve got you covered!

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Our process takes the stress of trying to sell your house away! Many times it’s just too much to have to deal with agents, open houses, waiting and hoping.

Our Solution Is Simple!

Selling your Florida house to us couldn’t be any easier. Once you receive your cash offer from us, you’re in control. Just fill in the form below to get started. It’s 100% FREE and you’re under NO OBLIGATION to accept any offer from us.

Wouldn’t it be better to at least get a cash offer from us before signing a listing contract with an agent?

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We are cash home buyers with nearly 20 years of experience. We buy houses in Orlando, as well as all across the state of Florida. We help people who want or need to sell their property:

Quickly. ✅Easily. And ✅Without Hassle.

How do we do it?

We help you to sell your Florida house faster by putting our focus on you.

We approach every house buying transaction with a single question:

How can we help YOU?

We have helped thousands of sellers over the last 20 years, in every conceivable situation. The challenges sellers face can be daunting. We have successfully helped thousands of people just like yourself to sell their house, condo or apartment in Orlando and elsewhere quickly and easily, even if they at first felt overwhelmed, frustrated or frightened.

We Can Buy Your House Regardless Of Your Reasons For Selling!

By avoiding agent commissions, closing costs, repairs and other costs and risks, you can save TIME as well as money. We buy houses, apartments and condos all over Florida, no matter your reasons for selling, including:

Orlando Home Buyers Divorce

Orlando home buyers Death In The Family

Orlando Home Buyers Inability To Travel

Orlando Home Buyers Facing Foreclosure

Orlando Home Buyers Overwhelming Repairs Needed

Orlando Home Buyers Bad Tenant Issues

Our Team with text saying problem? solved.
Let us help you sell your house fast!

Nothing Beats That Feeling Of Selling Your House Fast And Moving Forward In Life

Is it finally time to take the world off your shoulders and move on?

You can rest easy, knowing you’re dealing with a world-class company that has purchased over 1000 Florida houses, and has the the expertise, clout and ability to create custom-tailored transactions that fit exactly what you want.


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How Do I Sell My House Fast In Orlando?

Our process is simple, elegant and highly effective. Our goal is to get a fair offer in your hands as quickly as you would like, and to take the pressure off of you so you can be assured things are on track and moving you toward your goal.

Contact Us

Start the process by filling out the short form. We will contact you back to discuss details.

Get Offer

We’ll make you a fair, all-cash offer for your property. No gimmicks, no tricks, plain & simple.

  Receive $

We’ll close on your time schedule, and you’ll have funds wired to you same day we close.

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The rest of your life can start right now. Just tell us about your property!

Let us go to work for you so you can relax!

  • Quick Close
  • 100% Trusted
  • Leave Hassles Behind

We are Florida’s Top Homebuyers. We have bought over 1000 houses in the state. Trust us: We can handle your situation.

FAQ: What about listing my property for sale with an agent? Wouldn’t I get more money that way?

A: Listing your property with an agent could be the best fit for you. If you have: A.) the time to wait for a retail buyer to make an offer, B.) the resources to improve your property to attract that offer, and C.) the experience to navigate the pitfalls and understand all the contingencies, then listing your property with an agent could your best option, and we’ll even help you find a great agent in your area if you’d like us to.

Quite often, however, the math just doesn’t work and you’re better off selling to us.

List With AgentSell To STFH For Cash Now
Commissions Up to 6% Never
Closing Costs 2-4% Never
Improvements$$$$ Never

When You Need To Sell Your House Fast In Florida, Call Us First.

Here’s Why:


We’ve been buying houses in Orlando for nearly 20 years. We’ve seen it all.

No Cookie Cutters

Every deal is unique. We don’t have a box each deal must fit inside, so we can be as creative as necessary

No Cleanup or Repairs

You can leave the property exactly as it is if you like. You’re leaving hassles behind. These are hassles.

No Commissions/Closing Costs

This gives us flexibility in structuring your cash offer.

We Close When YOU Want

67 Days? No Problem. 4 Weeks? Also no problem. We can be as flexible as we need to be.

The Little Details

Re-homing our furry friends, help with moving, evicting squatters or bad tenants…we’ve made it all happen.

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