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Experienced House Buyers In Orlando, FL

Picture of our team
Billy Ross – CEO, and the Team at STFH

Meet our CEO, Billy Ross was founded in 2006 by Billy and his wife Rhonda. We are based in Winter Park (Orlando) but we serve the entire state of Florida.

Over the last 17 years, they have purchased over 2,500 properties including, single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, multi-family, and more.

We are known in the real estate investing community as well as by the selling public for being fair, for not trying to hide things, and for being up front and honest. Now, anyone can say this, and they probably would.

But here’s how you know it’s true:

We’ll actually try to talk you out of doing business with us. We want you to find the best fit for your needs, and if that means you list your house with an agent, or even sell it to a competitor, then that’s what we’ll encourage you to do.

How many other companies do that?

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Here’s why:

We have been buying houses in central Florida for nearly 20 years. We want to keep doing it for at least 20 more. Businesses don’t succeed long term if they’re scamming people, if they’re taking advantage of them, or if they’re otherwise creating bad mojo.

The work we do involves meeting people in their moments of greatest need and vulnerability, and that’s not something we take lightly. We do our absolute best to work with both sellers and other investors in a way that conveys integrity from square one.

Here’s what that means for you:

We are professional house buyers, with many creative avenues once we acquire your property. This gives us tremendous flexibility to work with you.

Sell that florida house mad the process easy

Reputable House Buyers In Orlando, FL

Some ‘we buy houses’ companies have just one, cookie cutter approach to every deal. But we’ve been doing this long enough to understand it’s not about any one deal.

We are real people, doing our best to do great business, and that means we help people even if it means we make a bit less on this one deal. That’s actually part of our core values. Others first. There will always be other deals. We could be someone’s lifeline with this one, and that’s a role we take seriously.

Structured To Be Fast And Flexible House Buyers

We have several legal companies which have different functions within the real estate ecosystem, and this is the magic key that allows us to custom-tailor every deal to suit the parties involved. is our acquisitions arm. Here, we specialize in acquiring property from sellers using our own funds; this allows us to be able to act quickly and decisively because we don’t have to wait for approval from a bank, or an inspector, or anyone else. Speed is the name of the game.

And speed matters when you’re a house buyer…here’s why:

When we make you an offer, you’ll see that the buyer is RFTA properties. That stands for Rise From The Ashes, because that’s what we allow sellers to do once we solve their problems! RFTA Properties has an outstanding reputation within the investor community, because if a deal has warts, we point them out. We don’t try to hide them.

The reputation we have in this community is worth far more to us than any amount we might save by trying to put lipstick on a pig and sell it on as a pretty pig.

Why does this matter?

Because the more creative ways we have to pass an acquired property on to another value-added step in the process, the more sellers we can accomodate.

Think about it: If the only tool you know how to use is a hammer, you tend to treat everything like a nail. We use multiple tools, so we can custom-tailor what we do to each seller’s needs.

Here are some examples:

We can structure a creative offer for MORE than a seller is asking.

We can offer to acquire property ‘subject to the existing financing remaining in place, which means we can buy properties that are ‘under water,’ i.e. where the seller owes more than the property is worth at current market.

We can acquire ‘odd duck’ properties because we have relationships with investors who will love rehabbing them, adding them to their portfolios or even doing something completely unorthodox that no one else thought of.

As a seller, this means that we will work with you to structure the best deal that fits your needs, fits our investors’ parameters and by doing this, our needs get met, both short and long-term.

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