Effective Real Estate Photography and Staging Tips to Sell Your House in Tampa

Great real estate photography and beautiful home staging can make a huge difference in the price you are offered, as well as how quickly it takes to sell your house in Tampa. With the right photos, you can make an otherwise average space thrive. It’s always better to put in the extra effort with incredible photography and professionally stage your home for maximum effect!

Before You Get Started

The best way to get the most out of your staging and real estate photography sessions is by hiring professionals. In most cases, you’ll likely have to hire two separate people. As a photographer, you might be good at capturing the perfect shot but not so much with accessorizing or furniture placement. And a stager might not know exactly how to utilize the light in a room and take photos that maximize its space. It is the combination of these two professionals that will bring your house in Tampa visual appeal to new heights.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Great photos are important for marketing your property on the MLS and other platforms. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the listings we see on Zillow where the rooms are still messy, or the home just feels cluttered and small. Sometimes it’s the seller taking these photos. Unfortunately, other times, these photos may be taken by agents.

While there are agents that have experience with real estate photography, it’s difficult to compete with a professional. Photographers are skilled at getting the perfect picture. They will have all kinds of tricks, allowing them to capture your house in its most flattering light! Tools such as tripods, multiple lenses, and studio lights are just a few things that pros use to make any room shine.

Get It “Instagram Worthy”

The idea of professional staging is still largely seen as a niche service, or something only used by people in big cities. However, a lot of people don’t realize that staging has such an impact on the buyer, especially in today’s competitive real estate market!

Purchase decisions are most commonly driven by emotions. You will want to create a neutral yet inviting environment that still allows the viewer to feel as if they are at home. Some stagers will refurnish and decorate a whole house, but it’s more common to focus on just the main rooms.

A stager will not only bring in accent pieces and furniture but also repurpose items you have to be more aesthetically pleasing. Staging, when done correctly, can increase the perceived value of your home to buyers.


To avoid any unwanted surprises, make sure you don’t take photos or show your house until all of the clutter has been removed. It’s best to remove as many personal possessions and take down family portraits before buyers start touring your house in Tampa. Buyers may subconsciously feel like strangers when they see your family portraits.

Remove Personal Belongings

As previously mentioned, leaving your personal touch of decor can be offputting to some people. Your ultimate goal would be to make the buyer feel like they could live there. The goal isn’t to let them know that you do live there. This is also helpful for whenever moving day comes around; a lot of your stuff will already be packed!

Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Exterior

The outside of your house in Tampa is just as important to take care of if you are looking for curb appeal. Make sure that it looks its best by spending some time sweeping off the porch, washing the windows, or if you’re able, even power washing to remove any tough grime.

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