124. Sell My House Fast Orlando

Are you thinking “How to sell my house fast Orlando“? Watch the video to learn how!

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Video Transcription

Billy Ross: Hi my name is Billy Ross, and thank you so much for coming to my site. Now I’m assuming you’ve landed on this website because you saw us online, received a marketing piece from us in the past few days, be it a postcard letter or door hanger. Am I right?

First, let me take a few minutes to explain who I am, and what we do, so you can formulate a decision on whether or not you want to take the next proactive step. We’ve been purchasing houses in the greater Orlando area since 2001. Some of these houses needed a lot of work, some simply needed carpet and paint.

We can buy properties with all cash if you’ve built up your equity, or by assuming your existing leads if you have zero equity. We can close in seven days, and as always, we’ll buy your property as is.

Now I think it’s important for you to know our entire real estate buying philosophy is based on three simple words, sellers must benefit. Webster’s dictionary defines the word benefit as something that enhances or improves wellbeing. So my question to you is this, if you sell your house to us, or anyone else for that matter, and you don’t improve your situation, then why do it? The logical answer is you shouldn’t.

Look, we’re going to make you an offer that makes us money, but we also are going to make sure we improve, correct or even solve your current problem if you even have one. So now’s the time to make a decision. You have two options from this point forward, number one you can close this screen, forget you ever watched this video and go on with the rest of your day. Or you can fill out the form in this web page, or call our dedicated phone number, tell us about your situation and property. Either option is okay with us, but let me be clear, we are very interested in making you an offer and buying your house, but only, and I mean only, if this will help you in a positive way from your current situation.

So do me a favor and fill out the form, and or call us and take the next step. In my humble opinion you have nothing to lose and a lot to possibly gain.

Again, my name is Billy Ross, thank you for taking the time to watch this video, and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Are you asking yourself…”How Do I Sell My House Fast Orlando?” Well, you have come to the right spot, because We Buy Houses Orlando!

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