33. The Importance of Visualizing Your Goals (Part 5 of a Series)

Have you been visualizing? Were you consistent, or not so much? If you kept at it, congratulations! You are well on your way! If you fell off the wagon, relax and keep your chin up. It happens. Remember, you’re trying to build a habit, so let’s review one of the most important aspects of visualization, consistency.

Reality check. Weeds will grow in an unattended garden. It’s simply a fact. Your brain/life/goals are much the same way. Your thoughts left unattended will rarely lead you down the proper path. This is why most people drift through life, never really accomplishing anything worthwhile. Without a concrete goal, we go nowhere quickly.

Picture a ship leaving the dock, ready to sail across the ocean. Imagine what would happen if the captain pointed the ship in the proper direction once, and never checked his course again. What are the chances he will reach the intended destination? Zero! The vessel will invariably drift off course if unattended. That’s how things work. No, what the captain will do is get the ship on the proper heading, and then correct the course hundreds of times during the voyage. He will look at the target (destination) and then make any necessary adjustments in course, leading to a successful trip.

Let’s get back to your visualization routine. It’s the consistency of this exercise that contains the magic. You literally set the course when you decide on your goal, picture it, and visualize the first time. Then you open your eyes, and begin moving in the direction of your goal. But remember the captain of the ship! You have to keep visualizing, you have to keep adjusting your course, otherwise you’ll drift just like that ship. You need to do this every single day, preferably at the same time each day. Build a routine, just like brushing your teeth. Remember, this is your LIFE we are talking about.

If you’re having a challenge with this, start with visualizing for one minute. You cannot tell me you don’t have one single minute each day. Yes, more is generally better but we’re trying to build a habit here. 7 days a week also.

It is generally accepted in psychological circles it takes about 21 days to build a habit. Can you stick with this for 21 days? One-minute minimum.

The funny thing is that most people cannot get enough once they start seeing results. There is a magic moment when you stop chasing your goals, and your goals start chasing you. When that happens, I would love to hear about it!

We will wrap this up next time with an advanced technique or two, and a couple of recommended books to further your study. Until then…Keep Visualizing!

Billy Ross

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