5 Important Tips & Tricks to Sell an Old House

Even in a hot market, trying to sell an old house can be a daunting task. With or without a real estate agent, you’re likely to run into a few obstacles on your path.

The first thing you need to do before attempting to sell an old house is make sure all the major house systems are in good condition. If not, this might be a warning sign for potential buyers about how well-maintained it’s been overall and what kind of upkeep they can expect if they buy from you. Newer houses may have more amenities available than older ones, so homeowners should focus on making their homes look as modern as possible without spending too much money or effort into updating them unnecessarily (and breaking current trends).

Focus on Curb Appeal

If you want potential buyers to have a positive first impression of your home, make sure the front yard looks its best. Don’t let overgrown trees and shrubs block their view or give them an unpleasant feeling when they pull up in front of your house for the first time. Give yourself some “budget-wiggle-room” if need be because it’s worth hiring professional landscapers just so that everything is neat and tidy. Once you’ve trimmed away ugly branches or dead limbs, consider adding plants like flowering bushes around your porch steps or inviting flowers by the entranceway to create a more welcoming atmosphere – a pop of color on the front door goes a long way!

Showcase Unique Selling Features

Since you are trying to sell an old house, consider where your home falls in terms of age or architecture: are there any major details that would make prospective homeowners fall in love? Sometimes, these homes built in the early 1900s have little touches that just aren’t around anymore. The answer might be something simple like a wrap-around porch; emphasis on those aspects will help sell houses faster than an ordinary listing.

Highlight Your Neighborhood

What’s great about your neighborhood? Be sure to tell potential buyers about the library in the community or its pleasant parks. Are there any farmer’s markets, local festivals, good schools nearby? Many house hunters are also concerned with crime rates and school quality. Make it known that you’re proud of where you live because those positives will complement a strong marketing plan for prospective homebuyers.

Start Deep Cleaning

A clean house that’s free from odor can go a long way to marketing its best features. A cluttered home or one with any strong odors like pet, tobacco can signal to potential buyers you may have neglected the maintenance needs of your property and it could also be seen as dirty too. Remove all clutter in the home such as boxes lying around on floors, linens stored away out of sight in closets; take down curtains if they cover windows and are dusty, etc.

Sell an Old House for Cash

The hassle of listing your home on the real estate market and enduring months of showings is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Trying to sell an old house for cash with SellThatFloridaHouse takes all that frustration away. We can purchase the property as-is, so no cleaning or repairs would be necessary. We can also work with you on your schedule and close when you need to – not when we do. Give us a call or visit us online today for your no obligation cash offer!

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