Full Guide: Selling Your Orlando Home During a Divorce

If you’re wondering about how complicated selling your Orlando home during a divorce might be, we’ll dive into the process in this article.

You may have tried everything to save your marriage, but finally realized there was no way out. One thing you can do during this difficult time is sell the family home and split up all of the proceeds with your spouse as part of a divorce settlement.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotionally charged life events, but it is important to remain rational. When faced with a divorce in an economy where real estate prices have yet to rebound from the housing bubble burst, there are several factors that should be considered before liquidating your home or going through costly legal proceedings for such things as finances and taxes.

Determine If/When to Start Selling Your Orlando Home During a Divorce

Most commonly during divorce cases, one spouse will buy out the other spouse’s share of the property. However, depending on whether or not there are children in the picture, one spouse may use the house for a set period of time. Then, typically when the children reach age 18, the home will proceed with the selling process.

Speak with Professional Realtors or Investors

During a divorce, you have so much going on and to think about. You shouldn’t try selling your house yourself or it could lead to disagreements with your spouse over pricing and other issues. Working with a real estate professional – either an agent who is reputable for their work or one of the many investment companies in town that will promote our listings as well – can help make these decisions easier by providing both parties neutral representation during negotiations while also marketing the property effectively.

If you need to sell your Orlando house fast and want the stress of finding a new one removed from your life, reputable local real estate investment firms like SellThatFloridaHouse may be just what you’re looking for. We actually purchase houses, rather than listing them… and we pay cash which is great if there’s an urgent reason why this needs to happen quickly.

If you want to sell your house in Orlando, Florida quickly and for the best price possible with a real estate agent, then it’s going to take some patience. But if you can’t wait months on end while trying to find an interested buyer of your home during these difficult times – feel free to give us a call!

Set Yourselves a Strict Timeline

It’s important when selling your Orlando house during a divorce to keep a timeline in order to have a smooth, surprise-free home sale. You should put your home for sale in advance and make sure that the closing dates are set well ahead of time. If you choose us to sell your house to, we even let you choose your own closing date. If you’re going through marriage dissolution proceedings, it’s essential that one spouse handles all communication with potential buyers or real estate agents–and negotiate penalties for breaching agreements before they happen.

Consider Selling Your Orlando Home Fast For Cash

One option that many divorcing couples have turned to in recent years is making a quick sale to a real estate investor like SellThatFloridaHouse. Reputable local investors buy houses fast and without stress, and the process can often take as little as seven days. Deciding how you want your marital home sold doesn’t have to be so stressful compared with going through the divorce itself!

You and your spouse are going through a divorce that will likely involve the sale of one or both properties. You might be considering selling your Orlando home on your own, but if you’re not an expert it’s time consuming and potentially costly to do all of this by yourself as well as take care of everything else in life during such a difficult time. Let SellThatFloridaHouse help with the process so you can get out from under these tough circumstances quickly without worrying about anything–we’ll handle everything for you!

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